QCBox Model 5

The QCBox Model 5 is a measurement grade amplifier and switch box designed for use with either CLIO 12 Standard or CLIO 12 Quality Control. It is an unconventional unit designed to fulfill the specific needs of repetitive production lines and laboratories as well as R&D bench and remote loudspeaker measurement. Connected through its USB interface, controls built into CLIO 12 software facilitate frequency response, low Z constant voltage impedance and DC measurements. The low distortion 50W power amplifier is used to drive the loudspeaker or network under test while routing one of four inputs to the analyzer as well the current sense output. The four RCA inputs are able to provide phantom power for Audiomatica and general purpose microphones (24V, software controlled).

Impedance measurements can be performed by switching the DUT load across the analyzer’s input or by using the dedicated ISense output, allowing impedance measurements in constant voltage mode and voice coil current distortion analysis. An internal ADC measures the DC current through the voice coil. An internal software controlled DC voltage generator enables large signal parameter measurement by superimposing a DC voltage (±20 V) while the stimulus is recorded.

Two additional ADC converters along with ±2.5V and ±5V available at inputs 3 and 4 allow displacement measurements from a laser sensor or any other transducer with a DC output. An RCA digital input allows a foot switch or a TTL signal to trigger QC operations. A DB25 digital TTL 6bit output / 5bit input port allows control of turntables and other peripherals.

Optional rack or bench mounting panels are available to assemble the QCBox Model 5 and FW-02 together into a single unit.

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QCBox Model 5 Front
QCBox Model 5 Rear
QCBox Model 5 Front Inside
QCBox Model 5 Rear Inside
QCBox FW-01 Bench Top Panel
QCBox FW-01 1RU Rack Panel
QCBox FW-01 ISense Setup
QCBox FW-01 ISense Schematic