CLIO Pocket 2

CLIO Pocket 2 is Audiomatica's most portable electroacoustic multi-platform portable measurement system. Using a highly optimized USB 2.0 interface and many core features from the state-of-the-art CLIO series, CLIO Pocket 2 is the affordable and professional quality measurement solution that can go anywhere. Native Mac and Windows software versions are included with a high quality measurement microphone, interconnection and impedance measurement cabling and case.


  • New Log Chirp distortion plots using the Farina method

  • New % Tolerance for LCR component measurements

  • New Excel report output

  • Cycle Wavelet processing

  • Measurement import/export with CLIO 12

  • Instrumentation grade audio interface with self calibration

  • Log Swept sine analysis for frequency response, phase, impedance, etc.

  • FFT analysis with multiple built-in and custom (wave file) stimuli

  • Scope view with trigger functions

  • Resistor, inductor and capacitor meter

  • Thiele Small parameter calculation with Rdc

  • Waterfall CSD analysis


  • CP-01 USB audio interface

  • Software/Driver CD and USB flash drive

  • MIC-02 measurement mic

  • 3' USB 2.0 cable

  • 3' RCA to Alligator clip cable

  • 9' RCA to RCA mic cable


  • MC01 Microphone Clip

  • AA-001 Microphone Calibrator Adapter

  • CPIK Interface Kit with 25' Canare Mic Cable and I/O Adapters

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CLIO Pocket Case
CP-01 Front
CP-01 Rear
CLIO Pocket Internal
CLIO Pocket Windows
Stimulus Control Panel
CLIO Pocket Sine
CLIO Pocket CSD 1
Gated Anechoic Response
Near Field Midrange
CLIO Pocket Interface Kit