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Soundscapes has chosen DHL as its exclusive international agent for direct-to-buyer shipments. They have proven to be the safest and quickest way to deliver sensitive equipment around the globe at very reasonable pricing. All you need to do is send us an email specifying the items you would like to purchase with your international shipping address and we will reply with a shipping quote.

Soundscapes has also partnered with for shipping to over 200 countries outside the USA. This is an excellent solution if you purchase goods from the USA on a regular basis. They have proven to be safe, quick and cost effective. All that is required of you is to sign up for a free account with and you will be given a USA address for Soundscapes to ship your order to. When the warehouse receives your order from us, they will contact you with a discounted shipping rate, and once payed, will forward the package to your home or business address.

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1. Click on Sign up with MyUS and get your MyUS address to send to Soundscapes after you make your purchase.

2. Complete your Soundscapes purchase using our Pricing Page and include your actual international shipping address in the checkout process.

3. Send your MyUS address to Soundscapes via email and we will ship within one business day.

4. MyUS will let you know when your package has arrived at their warehouse and send you a shipping invoice.

5. Your shipment will arrive at your door in 2-4 business days.


Shipping from Soundscapes to the warehouse typically requires two business days. Shipping from Soundscapes directly to you via DHL typically requires less than a week anywhere in the world.

Select one of the faster international delivery methods when using This helps both in delivery time and reduces transit handling, thus is safest for the equipment.

Please use insurance when using It’s inexpensive and guarantees you will have nothing to worry about.

All DHL shipments from Soundscapes directly to our customers include insurance. Your payment to will cover shipping and insurance if you choose to purchase it. It will not cover your country’s import fees. The equipment that Soundscapes sells happens to be in the least expensive import fee category and we inform DHL and MyUS of that fact with every order and they forward this information to your customs department. You can generally expect lower import fees than with generic consumer goods as a result. If you would like to look into this, the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule number for Soundscapes products is 9030.40.0000.

If you live in a country that already has an authorized distributor for our products, please purchase from them, thank you.