Judge Overturns Neutrino Speeding Ticket, Rebukes Cops, Teaches Fundamental Measurement Principle. German high school drop out, patent office worker, violinist and ladies man laughs first.
C. Krauthammer, 06 Oct 2011 and E. S. Reich, 02 Apr 2012
Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) publicly announced that they had proof that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was critically flawed. Were they about to reignite the firestorm that a young Einstein unleashed when he informed the world that time was the slave of the speed of light?! They checked, double checked and triple checked their transmitting and receiving equipment and each time came to the same conclusion: the neutrinos they fired just outside Geneva at a target 454 miles away in Gran Sasso, Italy arrived 60ns prior to their departure. Two teensy-weensy calibration errors saved the day for causality but landed two physicists on the street reading help wanted ads. Always perform a full circuit calibration against a known good.


Giant Black Holes Implode, Generate 200ms Spacetime Impulse Response, Move Einstein’s General Theory Closer to Law, Soundscapes Elucidates "The Shot Heard 'Round the Universe" using CLIO Gravitational Wave(lets).
Scientists too numerous to list, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), 14 Sept 2015, 09:50:45 UTC
What were you up to 1.3 billion years ago? Yeah, me too. But there was, is or will be (it’s relative actually) a brilliant flowering of two massive dying stars in supernova suddenly reversing, intensely contracting into black holes growing ever smaller toward dimensionless entities with ever growing gravitational fields until their forces reach across the cosmos and find each other. They begin to move and accelerate toward one another like lovers running in a field - but they miss! By picometers or parsecs, it doesn’t matter as they glide down the warp of the spacetime funnel. Thus they begin to spin around each other, at about 35 cycles per second at first - but like an ice skater pulling his arms and legs inward, the funnel narrows and the rate of rotation increases to about 250 cycles per second - and then they MEET in a silent cataclysm!

Meanwhile, spaceship earth was speeding away and thanks to relativity had about 1.3 billion years to prepare a pair of gravitational wave sensors to make a direct measurement of this cosmic romance. The question nagging thousands of astrophysicists worldwide was how to construct a transducer that would accurately transform a subatomic spacetime pulse traveling through the earth into an electrical signal we could analyze with CLIO, thus LIGO was born.

The Great Announcement
Detailed Specifications
How it Works
Improving S/N
Multi-Resolution Windowing
Localizing the Source

Hanford Aerial
Hanford Control Room (CLIO interfaces hidden for the photo op)
Hanford Laser Arm 1
Hanford Laser Arm 2
Hanford Laser Arm Section

The Great Announcement
Singularity Animation
Livingston and Hanford IR Auralization
LIGO Interferometer Animation
LIGO Interview (LARGE file - you've waited 1.3 billion years already, just be patient)

Measurement Data and Analysis
Livingston IR in Text Format
Hanford IR in Text Format
Livingston and Hanford IR Overlay (Time and Polarity Compensated)
Livingston and Hanford IR Analysis (Data, Calculations and Plots in Excel Format)
Livingston IR converted to Wave Format (using FIR Capture Beta)
Hanford IR converted to Wave Format (using FIR Capture Beta)
Livingston and Handford FFT - God’s Subwoofer
CLIO Wavelet of Livingston IR
CLIO Wavelet of Hanford IR