CLIO Pocket

CLIO Pocket is Audiomatica's new electroacoustic multi-platform portable measurement system. Using a highly optimized USB 2.0 interface and many core features from the state-of-the-art CLIO FW series, CLIO Pocket is the first affordable and truly professional quality measurement solution that can go anywhere. Native Mac OSX 10.5 to 10.11 and Windows XP to Windows 10 software are included with a high quality measurement microphone, interconnection and impedance measurement cabling and case.


  • New Cycle Wavelet processing

  • New Measurement Import/Export with CLIO 12
  • Instrumentation grade audio interface with self calibration

  • Log Swept Sine analysis for frequency response, phase, impedance, etc.

  • FFT analysis with multiple built-in and custom (wave file) stimuli

  • Scope view with trigger functions

  • Resistor, Inductor and Capacitor meter

  • Thiele Small parameter calculation with Rdc

  • Waterfall CSD analysis


  • CP-01 USB audio interface

  • Software/Driver CD and USB flash drive

  • MIC-02 measurement mic

  • 3' USB 2.0 cable

  • 3' RCA to Alligator clip cable

  • 9' RCA to RCA mic cable


  • MC01 Microphone Clip

  • AA-001 Microphone Calibrator Adapter

  • CPIK Interface Kit with 25' Canare Mic Cable and I/O Adapters

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CLIO Pocket Case
CP-01 Front
CP-01 Rear
CLIO Pocket Internal
CLIO Pocket Windows
Stimulus Control Panel
CLIO Pocket Sine
CLIO Pocket CSD 1
Gated Anechoic Response
Near Field Midrange
CLIO Pocket Interface Kit