CLIO 12 Standard
31 $1,995
CLIO 12 QC Bundled (with purchase of CLIO 12 Standard)
44 $950
QCBox Model 5 Amplifier and Switch Box
40 $650
QCBox FW-02 1RU Rack Panel
57 $125
QCBox FW-02 Bench Top Panel
58 $125
ACO Pacific 7052PH (1/2" titanium diaphragm, mic clip, hard case)
ACO-01 $950
Microphone MIC-01 (10", mic clip, 9' cable, case)
02 $260
Microphone MIC-02 (5", mic clip, 9' cable, case)
03 $260
Microphone MIC-03 (3", mic clip, 9' cable, case)
20 $260
Microphone MIC-04 (3", right angle)
21 $225
Microphone Calibrator Adapter (¼" ID, ½" OD)
AA-001 $40
Extech 407744 Microphone Calibrator (10x better than OEM)
EC01 $330
Accelerometer ACH-01
08 $125
CLIO Pocket
CP01 $595
CLIO Pocket Interface Kit (25’ Canare cable with I/O adapters)
CPIK $45
CLIO Pocket Mic Clip
MC01 Varies
Purchase Options
Outline ET250-3D Turntable for Polar Measurements
OTL-01 Varies
Select Quantity
RCA Cable: Canare Coax / Canare Compression RCA's, Black
RCAB Varies
Select Length
XLR Cable: Canare Quad / Neutrik Gold Plate XLR's, Black
XLRB Varies
Select Length
CLIO FW Software Upgrades (S/N Required)
UGFW Varies
Select CLIO FW Upgrade
CLIOwin Software Upgrades (S/N Required)
UGWN Varies
Select CLIOwin Upgrade

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